Some Of Our Products

Clam Shell

Our clam shell packages come in a selection of shapes and sizes, giving you the very best variety and choice when looking for a one-piece container that can be resealed. The Clam shell container is a great option for many applications, with an easy to use tab that snaps into place and locks in the freshness of its contents.

Tamper Resistance

Sophistication in design and simplicity in use, our Tamper Resistant range has been developed to uphold the integrity and vitality of your products. The Tamper Resistance Plastic Packaging at BN Progressive Products is a patent protected item, ensuring that the best is always available here.


Ideal for confectionery products, our crystal clear plastic trays are specifically designed to allow the contents of the packaging to be visible and entice impulse buying. We care about our customer’s growth and success, that is why we put in the time to design and produce Plastic Packaging intended for commercial sales.

Two Peice Products

The Two Piece Products securely lock in the goodness of contents and maintain its shelf life for longer. Our versatility is second to none, and our promise to provide the very best is what we work towards every single day. Like all our Plastic Packaging the Two Piece Products have been shaped so that the benefit storage has been maximized, saving you valuable money.