We Believe In Customer Relationships

Your needs always come first. BN Progressive Products is built upon a customer centred ethos and our friendly all round assistance does not stop once you have made a purchase. We are committed to after-care, and support you through every stage of your order.

With direct access to decision makers in the company you can rest-assured that our advice is professional and tailored to your precise requirements. We aim to provide a service that makes sense and offers a long lasting partnership with all our customers. Our prompt and responsive time management means you do not have to waste resources, because we will meet delivery times accurately without fail.

BN Progressive Products’ trustworthy reputation, outlook and work ethic contribute towards making us your first option when looking for high quality Plastic Packaging at competitive prices.

We Believe In Innovation

Our designs, first and foremost, have you in mind. We plan, design and produce all our products with one main priority: Our Customers.

BN Progressive Products’ range is created for the very purpose of helping our customers generate greater revenues, and ensuring their products remain sealed and packaged for longer without damage.

The secret to this success is our ability to turn ideas into action and create cost-effective means of producing high quality products. The use of specialist automation is one such example that offers fast pace production and high end quality at low prices.
Creativity is our passion. By combining our imagination with our plastic industry technical know-how and experience we become one of the most innovative companies in the sector.

We Believe In Sustainable Practices

BN Progressive Products is a company that looks to the future, because we are aware of our duty to future generations and the environmental responsibilities we now have. Precisely for this reason we believe in treading lightly and making the right choices when it comes to reducing waste and CO2 emissions.

Energy efficiency and a reduction in carbon-foots print need not be a complicated and highly expensive affair. We are committed to recycling and updating our own knowledge in line with current research. For example our use of, and familiarity with, P.E.T is a testament to this commitment. Not only do we identify the longevity of P.E.T for suitable applications, in comparison to traditional materials the durability and energy efficiency of the product is far greater.

We stay firm in our promise to do all that we can to help reduce carbon emissions.

We Believe In Quality

We believe in a simple equation when it comes to Quality:
Use the best materials; add in intelligent design; place on top of that expert knowledge and state of the art machinery; subtract away the waste, and; multiply it all by hard-work and customer centered ideals.

At BN Progressive Products we recognise that great Quality is rarely accidental, hence the intelligent effort behind our line of goods and services. Our commitment to ensuring quality is as crystal-clear as our range of products, from the clam shell packaging designed to entice impulse buying to our patent protected and tamper resistant plastic containers.

We Take Care of Our Family

Our hardworking, conscientious and qualified employees are recognized contributors to BN Progressive Products’ growth. We work alongside our team of contributors, ensuring their satisfaction is as well achieved as that of our client’s.

Our core ethical values, integrity and fairness are communicated and carried throughout our company, therefore allowing employees to share in the rewards of our success.