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We always place our customer’s needs first, and in return provide industry expertise.

Our professional and dedicated team will communicate with you at every stage of your order, saving you time and money with our honest, hassle free and direct approach to business.
We believe each and every single one of our customers are an extension of the BN Progressive Products’ family, because our success stories are intertwined.
Your satisfaction is our priority. The formula to our partnership gives you the best sales experience with no hidden costs, minimal paperwork and fast delivery.

BN Progressive Products’ diversity makes us one of the most competitive manufacturers in Plastic Packaging. This is because we use the very best materials that simultaneously keep food fresh and increase the shelf life of products while reducing waste. BN Progressive Products’ commitment to sustainability means our manufacturing lines seek to reduce energy costs and increase reliability of all packaging products.

We produce cost-effective and energy efficient products to keep you happy and the environment clean.
Our innovative designers, experienced team members and ethical values make us the one stop shop for all P.S, P.E.T, P.P and P.V.C purchases.


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We believe in creativity and innovation in design.

BN Progressive Products is dedicated towards producing a unique range of Plastic Packaging containers. Our innovative team have designed and produced a unique set of Tamper Resistant packages.

These distinctly designed packages are exclusively available at BN Progressive Products, and have been patent protected for both Canada and the United States.
But we have not stopped there. Currently we are working on designing and patenting more than 3 different NEW products.

That is the creative and inspiring culture we try to promote in our company, because we believe by developing and enhancing products we are ensuring the freshness and vitality of our customer’s packages


Manufacturer of Custom Disposable Containers


BN Progressive Products Ltd.  is the manufacturer of rigid clear / color plastic containers and packages. These packages can be used for various applications and under different conditions. Applications can be bakery, deli, fruits and vegetables medicine, toys and electronics. Conditions can be from room temperature to -170 deg. F.

The company designs, prototypes and manufacture it’s own tools. The process of custom design can be summarized as the following:



Customer’s requirements are recognized / classified

2D and 3D drawing are provided to the customer for further discussion and possible modification and approval.

BN Products makes the prototype tool and manufactures few pcs of parts for verification by the customer.

If customer needs changes or modifications on the existing samples, the changes will be made and the second set of parts will be manufactured until customer requirements are all satisfied.

After the customer approves the prototype parts, BN Products will create the final production tool.

BN Progressive Products Ltd. runs the tool on it’s production machineries and obtains first off parts from the newly designed tool and provides them to the customer.

After customer approves the production parts, BN Products is allowed to use the tool in its routine production scheduling.





Patents & Trademarks

Our products VF-01-02 and VF-01-03 and VF-01-04 are patented under the:


US Patent number #

CAD Patent number #


These products offer ultimate safety and freshness for variety of applications. Some applications  include but not limited to: Bakery Products, Fresh / chopped fruits and vegetables nuts and dried fruits and etc….

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